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September 13, 2020
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Reasons To Run Through The Winter

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Colder weather is fast approaching and I know some runners who will pack in their shoes for the season. I've never been one of them - but some runners just can't find a reason to be out there in winter.

Well, there are many reasons to run through the winter. Here are a few:

1. Winter running burns calories quickly. If you are running to lose weight or to keep your weight down - you definitely don't want to pass on winter running. When the temperature is colder, your body works harder to warm up. And, when your body is working harder, you are burning more calories.

2. Beat the "winter blues". Many people get depressed during the winter and may even suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. This occurs from longer hours of darkness and not getting outside in the sunlight. Running will help you to avoid this problem.

3. Feel like a runner. OK, I know it sounds silly, but there's something about coming in from a run when it's colder than cold. You feel like you can conquer anything!

4. Running in snow can be fun. Another one that may sound foreign to some of you, but it's true. Running during a fresh snow is so peaceful. The snowflakes are falling....the snow on the trees.....the quietness.....

5. In addition to the beauty, running in snow is a great workout! Running through a new snowfall gives you a little extra resistance training.

6. Super nifty winter running clothes. I remember when winter running apparel was....well....boring. Now, there's all kinds of materials and colors. And, nothing gives you the motivation to get out there than to put on new running things!

7. You won't feel guilty about holiday eating. Admit it, even though you promise yourself you won't over do it at holiday parties or family gatherings - you do. Hey, we all do! Running will help you feel better about that extra cookie or big meal!

8. Winter Running = Spring Success. Anyone that takes the winter off has to go through building their mileage back up in the Spring. So, if you've kept up your running (or just backed off your mileage a little but kept on running), you'll be in better shape for the Spring. And, will be ready for those Spring races.

If you take the winter off, that's OK. It's what you want to do. But, for many of us, there's too many reasons to be out there.


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