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May 1, 2020
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Chaise Lounges - Your Ticket To Relaxation

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It wasn't so long ago that chaise lounges were relegated to the outdoor patio or deck. There, you could laze the day away, catching some rays, getting a nice tan and listening to your favorite tunes on a boom box. If you were really lucky, you had a cabana boy (a nice husband or child) bring you cold drinks to help you escape the heat.

My how times have changed. While you can still enjoy any number of chaise lounges in the out of doors, you can also relax in unparalleled comfort indoors, thanks to the renewed popularity of indoor chaise lounges.

Once known as chaises or fainting couches, the indoor chaise lounge has taken on an entirely new level of comfort and elegance.

That's not to say that outdoor chaise lounges are slackers in the areas of comfort either. Let's take a look at some of the many choices you have for outdoor relaxation.

Chaise lounges with cushions are the classic. New designs include double chaises so you can share your space with a significant other and new styles that match any dcor, from traditional bamboo or teak to more modern designs in wrought iron or steel. Many of the more upscale versions even take the cushion to new levels, adding a cushion that would rival even the best bed mattresses around.

If you're more budget conscious, you may want to go with traditional strapped chaise lounges, that either have deluxe webbing or are made of resin. These are very affordable and weather resistant. Like their more extravagant counterparts, they have adjustable backs so you can find the angle that is most comfortable for you. If you're planning to sun, you can flatten your chaise lounges out so you can stretch out for some ultimate fun in the sun.

Of course, nothing beats the beauty of teak or other wood chaise lounges. Not only are they easy to care for, but they tie your patio or deck to the outdoors, since wood is an organic material. You'll never sacrifice comfort, as some of the teak chaise loungers are fully adjustable and really luxurious.

With indoor chaise lounges you have even more options in terms of styles, fabrics and materials. Often called fainting couches, these indoor chaise lounges look fabulous, whether you put them in your living room, bedroom, home theatre or entertainment space.

While there are many contemporary versions of chaise lounges out there, traditionalists have endless choices as well. Not only can you find versions that match more modern dcor, but you can find chaise lounges that hearken back to the Victorian era, when hardly a parlor could be found without one.

In fact, one has visions of Gloria Swanson falling back on a fainting couch, her hand to her forehead in a dramatic sigh. The music crescendos, as Mr. Demille goes in for his close up.

You can have a dramatic focal point in your home with a chaise lounge that matches your sense of taste, dcor and drama.


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