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June 16, 2020
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Choose the Right Diamond Cut for Your Diamond Pendant

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The shape of the diamond you choose will determine the overall look of your diamond pendant. There are many shapes and variations to choose from, but don't get the shape confused with the cut. The shape is just what it says - the shape of the diamond. This can be round, oval, square, or any other shape that you choose. The cut is a little more important as it refers to the diamond itself as to how many facets it has and so on.

The most popular of diamond pendants on the market are the round brilliant diamonds. They take up 75 percent of the demand of diamonds. These are also the most expensive diamonds and although most are used in engagement rings, but some find their way into diamond pendants. These types of diamonds are noted for their fire and brilliance. Then there is the oval diamond, which yields a large surface area and makes it look like it is much larger than it is. This diamond can be an asset for someone with small hands or short fingers as it gives the look of elongated fingers and compliments such hands.

A princess cut diamond is the smallest of the diamonds in appearance. It is basically an inverted pyramid that puts most of the weight of the diamond near the bottom. This diamond is usually used as a solitaire diamond. Another diamond that has the look of being larger than it actually is is the Marquise diamond. This diamond is long with points at each end. Sometimes you will find it in some French cut where the points are cut.

An Emerald cut diamonds hs a rectangular shape with the corners cut. This is also called a step cut because it resembles stair steps. The open facets on this diamond make it imperative that you choose a diamond with clarity and color. You will find that if the clarity or color is not there it can be noticed more easily on this type of cut. The Pear shape diamond is just what it says and that is it is a pear shaped. This diamond is mostly found on diamond pendants and has the sweet look of a tear drop. The heart-shaped diamond is a beautiful cut that says love and romance at a glance. You need a perfectly symmetrical stone for this cut.

A trillion diamond cut is a newcomer to the market. It didn't come unto the diamond scene until the seventies. This is a triangular cut with equal sides these also can make stunning diamond pendants or earrings. Then there are the Baguette cut diamonds. This is another step cut diamond, but diamonds with this cut usually used as side stones and not used as the main one. They are uncomplicated, but very elegant diamonds. The Kite, Trapezoid and Half Moon diamonds that are used for side stones in diamond pendants, which don't detract from their beauty. The Cushion cut is also a very charming diamond, which lends a bit of old world elegance to any ring or diamond pendant.


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